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The Stereotypical Wise Owl.

The land of Ponusian was once a strip of land admist many poverty stricken nations. It resided relatively south of the Persians, north of the Indies, beyond Slovenia, and next to the Holy Donusian Empire. Its people cried for a savior to release them from their horrible damnation.

Donus Munst heard their cried and as a loving savior said unto the people, "I shall send you a stereotypically wise owl to hear you problems and resolve them."

So, Donus Munst sent a stereotypically wise owl to the land of the damned, but loyal followers of Munstianity. The owl perched on top of a brittle tree branch and ruffled its feathers with authority. The mass gathered around the predatorial bird of miracles. Though, the people were afraid. They knew not how to approach this seemingly normal appearing owl with their troubling troubles.

Finally, a brave man cried out from behind the crowd, "O owl of stereotypical wise who comes from the above at thirty-six degrees, help us!"

Moved by the mans courage, the mass began howling demands from the stereotypically wise owl. Soon, the owl raised a single wing so that its wonderous feathers flittered in the soft breeze. The crowd fell silent. The owl lowered its wing.

One by one, the people explained calmly to the stereotypically wise owl of their poverty and wars. they spoke of their desire to be one with their loving Munst. After hearing much of the masses' bickering, the owl nodded solemnly. A sympathetic tear fell from its beady eye for the people and their ongoing sorrows.

"Plus," sadly added another man admist the gathered people, "We have gay people."

The owl perked its head in shock and replied, "O RLY?"

Historical documents show that this nation grew up to be known as the Netherlands, and was denied help by Donus Munst. It is said that this is the location of Munstian Hell. Where people are led to believe that it is a wonderful nation, but is actually economically crippled and full of racist Aryans.
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